Phunsta Games Presents Space Maze of Doom

    In Glorious 2D!!!     

Current Reviews
Average iTunes Ratings 5/5
Average Playbook Ratings 5/5
Average Touchpad Ratings 4/5

What this game won't do:
Solve world hunger.
Bring water to Africa.
Bring peace on Earth, or to the Middle East, or for that matter to Utah
It might bring peace to your house, but probably not for long.
It's just a fun game!!!
Why you should play this game:
Over 60 unique and terrifying (well mildly scary) levels.
Over 20 unique and terrifying (well challenging) villains and obstacles.
A totally new and unique way to play. Trust us, we looked,
and could not find any other games like this,
strange don't you think?
Did we mention it's fun?
No talking farm animals, unless you count rabbits,
in which case there are a couple.
The best sound effects ever.
No birds were angered in the making of this game,
although there are a couple of very irritated robots.
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