Not much to report

Well Norkal’s Space Maze of DOOM!!! has not been selling gangbusters so I have not had any numbers to report.

We have not sold more than 20 for any platform, 0 on Amazon MarketPlace.

I have done a couple of things, lets see what works and what doesn’t

1. I have created a Free To Play version of Norkal for the iPad and iPhone.  This version is Ad supported and includes 90% of the functionality, there is a unlock feature to give you the other 10%.  I submitted this to the App Store last week.

1a. I have updated my artwork in the App Store

1b. I have updated my app description in the AppStore

1c. When this is available I am going to kick of a massive PR mailing.

2. I am having a back 2 school sale on the Playbook version (now $0.99) hopefully I will be featured again and we will see what happens.

2a. I have updated my Description in App World.

3. Marbles – Before the Playbook RIM had a promotion where they would give a free Playbook to anyone who submits an App, Marbles was my participation in this program and was released before I even had my Playbook.  Marbles is also a good example of why you have to test your application on the target platform.  Marbles works really well on the PC (with a mouse) but did not work that well with touch, the jack would go off in all different directions.

By the time I discovered these issues my Adobe development kit had expired and I was not interested in paying to update a free app.

Last week I noticed that Marbles has had almost 9,000 downloads, despite some really bad reviews.

I have fixed up the “Flick” mechanism and now the game play is actually rather fun.  I have not juiced up the graphics so it still lacks “Polish” but it is still free and now has a link to Norkal’s Space Maze of DOOM!!!

Marbles came out on Thursday and already has over 175 Downloads.  So I guess free works, I will see how my free iPad version goes before deciding what to do next.

2 thoughts on “Not much to report

  1. Just wondering why you decided to only publish this for iOS 6 …

    Is it not compatible with previous versions (e.g. iOS 5.0 or iOS 5.1)?

    Perhaps as fewer people are currently upgrading existing iPhones from 5.1 to 6.0 it will help boost the number of downloads of your App in the iPhoneStore.


    • Although I agree that making NSMOD available on iOS 4.1 or higher would allow me to make more sales, I am not convinced that:

      1. The # of downloads would be that much higher
      2. Even if there were more downloads, the add upgrade revenue would be worth the costs.

      To date I have not had any ad revenue, or any upgrades on the existing free package.

      The iPad version does work on 4.1 or higher so it is not a difficult issue, I am just not convinced at this time that it is worth my effort to support multiple older iOS versions

      I plan on re-evaluating the current NSMOD versions after I see how my next game pX does

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