almost a week – results – my thoughts

Norkal’s Space Maze of DOOM!!! has now been live for almost a week, it went live on iPad and Playbook last Thursday and on Amazon (Android) and HP on Friday.

I am a little disappointed with the results at this time, I expect to have to work hard to “Market” NSMOD and did not expect it to sell triple figures in the first week, but I did “hope/expect” to have a release bump while NSMOD was in the “Recently Released”  zone.  Unfortunately that was a very short window.

I have planted a lot of “marketing seeds” this week, hopefully some of them will start to sprout over the next couple of weeks.

I also hope everybody is not 100% focused on Tiny Wings 2.

HP TouchPad  This was the biggest disappointment as I have only sold 3.  It was always going to be bang or bust.  My thinking went that there is over a million of them out there, and NSMOD is still high on the recently released list.  But obviously those million units are sitting in peoples desk drawers and not being used.  It was pretty easy to port to the HP TouchPad so the effort was not huge, so no big loss.

Kindle Fire (other Android) So far I have sold 0, I never expected to sell many, but I need to come up with a marketing plan.

iPad: 7 units, I think my Dad bought most of them :-)   I have focused a lot of my effort on this over the last couple of days, so hopefully we will see an up tick next week, and in a couple of weeks I have some plans which should increase awareness.

Blackberry Playbook 10 (the winner :-)   Like the iPad I have some things in the works which should bump these numbers over the next couple of weeks,

Total: 20 – still a little early too quit my day job.

Come back next week (Monday?) for another update

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