Just a quick Update

I know it has been awhile since I posted, and I still intend on writing that article about the different Development Environments.

Unfortunately real life (and job) keep taking up my time.

Norkal’s Space Maze of DOOM (it has a name now) it mostly done.  I am starting a quasi-public beta program to find any issues I might have missed.

After the beta program I hope to release this Summer (yeah).

The other thing I am thinking of is releasing all my sales figures (not just relative numbers) so we can get a true view of how much money one can make as an independent developer and which platform is truly the best one.

Now I just of to think about how to market this baby.

3 thoughts on “Just a quick Update

  1. I think the best way for advertising is to post it in the crackberry threads, also if I really like it I can post a great brief review about it that will make some people buy it or download it (Free!) :)

  2. P.s are you planning on making other games in the near future with more (doodle) amazing graphics… Like a Tower Defense Game, totally great for BlackBerry platform and also are you planning on releasing to BB10

  3. CptArm3D thanks for your feedback.
    If all goes well there will definitely be me games, not sure if they will have the doodle style (but I am happy with how the graphics turned out in this game).

    Probably won’t be a tower defence game, although this is actually my favourite genre, (I think I have played all of them for the Playbook and most for the iPAD) I think this genre has been done to death, and I want to try something a little fresh.

    I am defintely planning on a BB10 version, I am hoping I can score one of the developer phones at Toronto JAM so I can be ready for the release, but I suspect that it overly optimistic on my part.

    Thanks for your offer of a review, I would love to take you up on it.

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