How do I think the tablets will perform?

I thought I would record my predictions for the relative performance of the four tablets.

Blackberry Playbook

I actually think this will be my best performer.  The market place is not as saturated (so it is easier to get noticed) and RIM has been very approachable, and has said they would help me promote Norkal’s Space Maze of DOOM!!!

I have not been able to (or figure out) how to engage with Apple or Amazon.  Apple and Amazon both have “web forms” you can fill in, and then they respond with a standard email.  RIM has these JAM road shows which gave me an opportunity to meet with RIM directly.

The other nice thing is that RIM is more transparent about who you need to contact. It was relatively easy for me to find the email addresses of the appropriate Development contacts.

When we look at my call for Beta Testers I got a very strong response from Playbook users, and some very positive feedback (no bugs found).

I predict a very strong start, which will taper off very quickly and then hopefully provide steady (but low) unit sales.

Apple iPad

I need this to do well.  There are so many iPad’s out there that I only need a small percentage to purchase NSMOD, that is the theory, but the challenge is still how do I get noticed?

When we look at my call for Beta Testers I had no response, this despite posting on multiple forums.

I predict a slow start, which will steadily grow, and provide reasonable on going unit sales.

Amazon Kindle Fire

I would like to think that with around 2 million Kindle Fires (and other Android Tablets) out there, I should be able to do well, but the Marketplace is very crowded with Android apps.

And again I had no response to my call for Beta Testers.

I am also worried about the market fragmentation, I have tested NSMOD to death on the Kindle Fire, but with so many different tablets I am worried that it won’t work on some of them.

I have no sales predictions, it can do very well, or very poorly, not sure there is anything in between.

HP TouchPad

This is a complete wild card, there are about 1 million units out there, but how many are still being used?  On the plus side there is very little competition so NSMOD will be visible on the recent list for at least a couple of days.

With one post I got an amazing response to my call for Beta Testers, so hopefully my entire market has not already played the game.  Again the feedback was very positive and no bugs were found.

This could go two ways, one I make some decent sales in the first couple of weeks, or I make no sales.   I do not expect to make significant sales after the first couple of weeks.

Check back here next week to an update

Which tablet is the most profitable for small Indies like us?

That is the question I hope to answer over the next couple of months.

I plan on releasing Norkal’s Space Maze of DOOM!!! simultaneously for:

  • Apple iPad
  • Blackberry Playbook
  • Amazon Kindle Fire
  • HP Touchpad (really, yes really)

NSMOD has been submitted to the perspective app stores/worlds/marketplaces/catalogs and if all goes well it will be accepted later this week or early next week, or when hell freezes over.  (RIM has already approved it, yeah RIM)

For the first couple of weeks I plan on publishing my sales figures almost daily on my twitter feed, so you will be able to watch me become a multi-millionaire in real time.

I say almost daily as I actually have a big project and some travel in July (yes, a little foolish of me to release when I have other things to do, but who said life was easy).

After that I will update weekly and then monthly as needed, possibly with some fancy graphs and charts if I can figure out how to use Excel.

Well fingers crossed, and see you on the other side.

Just a quick Update

I know it has been awhile since I posted, and I still intend on writing that article about the different Development Environments.

Unfortunately real life (and job) keep taking up my time.

Norkal’s Space Maze of DOOM (it has a name now) it mostly done.  I am starting a quasi-public beta program to find any issues I might have missed.

After the beta program I hope to release this Summer (yeah).

The other thing I am thinking of is releasing all my sales figures (not just relative numbers) so we can get a true view of how much money one can make as an independent developer and which platform is truly the best one.

Now I just of to think about how to market this baby.